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Praying Together

Who We Are

An Ecumenical Sacred Community

Forward Movement TN began out of a budding relationship between two churches in Sumner County, TN. These two churches desired to be in community with one another and to do ministry together. The group was born through this shared ministry and work together. It is called Forward Movement because of our shared desire to keep putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward  together in shared hope and ministry. Our desire is to not go back to the way things used to be and the way things have always been done, rather to continue to find out how God is revealing God's self HERE and NOW. 

Check out our Partners page to see who else we have hoodwinked into joining us!

Forward Movement TN's mission is to create space for reconciled hope alongside the Spirit of divine Love by creating ecumenical spaces of worship and gathering for folks in Sumner County that invite us into deeper relationships with one another regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical or mental abilities. 

We meet together monthly as a group to discuss innovative ways for our neighborhood to be in ministry together. You are welcome to join us! Just fill out the contact form below!


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Our Community Welcoming Statement

          We, Forward Movement TN, declare ourselves to be an open, affirming, and reconciling group of believers. We celebrate that all people are created in the image of God and are God’s dearly beloved children. We value Christ’s inclusive love and we embrace the diversity of humanity. With this statement, we proclaim to welcome and affirm EVERYONE, particularly those who have known pain, exclusion or discrimination at the hands of the church. Our faith inspires us to be part of an intentional ministry with all people, including those who have not always been accepted because of sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, age, physical/mental abilities, social or economic status, family make-up, education, or faith background. We celebrate our differences and do not seek to erase them, but to embrace them as a source of strength and power as we journey together toward greater understanding, mutual respect, and love for each other.