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Our Liturgy

What to Expect

The word "liturgy," simply means "the work of the people." Religious folk have used the term liturgy for hundreds of years to talk about many aspects of worship. If you are wondering what to expect at Neighborhood Worship, keep reading!

Neighborhood Worship will look a bit different depending on who is hosting so that we can experience diversity in worship together. However, it is also important that we have our own "work," as well. The following are parts of the 'Neighborhood's' liturgy:

  • Gathering - Come ahead (around 5:30 P.M.) for some fellowship and gathering time!

  • Entrance Song - We will enter our spaces of worship by singing a Taize' song together. Click HERE to check it out on YouTube. Click HERE for the lyrics.

  • Peace Practice - Most of us do some kind of "passing of the peace," in our home churches. At Neighborhood Worship, we do it a bit different, and we call it, "Peace Practice." During Peace Practice, we look at each person around us that is gathered in worship and we find ourselves compelled to say, "The Peace of Christ Be with You." We are practicing for the coming of God's Reign. If we know anything, it is that we are caught between the "already" and the "not yet," and that God's reign is all around us. So, we practice our faith and we practice peace, because the more we practice it, the more we live it.

  • Baptismal Focus - We know that what unites us is far more powerful that what divides us. So, for 2019, we focus on our baptismal covenants and calling!

  • Closing Song - We will end our worship together by singing the hymn, "All Are Welcome." Click HERE to check it out on YouTube. Click HERE for the lyrics.

  • Benediction and Sending Forth - We will close each service with our special Neighborhood Worship sending.

One: The word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood (John 1:14 MSG).

Many: The neighborhood worships.

One: Go and be excellent to one another!

Many: Thanks be to God!

  • Cash for Change - We at Neighborhood Worship intend to make a change in our community. So at each gathering we will sponsor a missional offering for an organization in our community. This missional offering is cash (or change) and doesn't run through any church's bank accounts or financials. It is distributed directly to the organization.